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Our Lightning Lookup Component (LULC) allows you to add a lookup field to your components easily, and you can use it for both custom and standard objects.
LULC page
Lightning Universal Lookup Component is
Easy to customize
Looks like a standard one
Works with Salesforce1
How to use LULC?
Lightning Universal Lookup Component from AppExchange
by installing it to your Salesforce CRM system
customizing your Salesforce lookup fields
A quick note from the team
Hey there! We hope you'll enjoy using our app. We've worked immensely hard to make it functional and free of charge as part of our commitment to bringing value to the Salesforce community. So if you'd like to say thanks, we'd really appreciate a coffee :) And don't feel pressured if you can't, we'll continue launching free apps for Salesforce nevertheless. Wishing you a wonderful day!
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A quick note from the team